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One place for all your calendars

Each shared calendar holds events for a specific topic, such as - family, Work, and Community. Events from all other calendars such as Google and Apple calendar are listed in GroupCal together with the shared events.

Simplest way to share calendars

Create calendars in just a few taps, and easily share them as a link or send them to your contacts right from your phone contact list. Members can then join with a single tap from any device, and start receiving notifications about every new event.

Joining shared calendars is super simple

When members receive an invitation, they can simply click on the link to instantly view the calendar on the web or on the GroupCal iOS or Android apps. From that point on, their calendar stays in sync whenever a change occurs.

Real time updates and notifications

Members of shared calendars receive real-time updates and notifications when they are invited to the calendar, as well as when events are updated. These updates are marked within the app, ensuring that members know which updates they have not yet reviewed.

Customize it the way you want

Shared calendars and events are differentiated by their unique colors and photos. Each calendar has its own photo and color, and its events are displayed with these distinct features. Events can also use the photo and color of the member who added them, making it easy to understand which member owns which event within a calendar.

Cross platform

GroupCal offers a comprehensive suite of advanced applications for iOS, Android, and desktop devices. With its versatile cross-platform compatibility, GroupCal provides users with a seamless and consistent experience across all their devices.