Brian Lauder 4/1/2020

"Amazing application! Perfect for keeping everything in order and makes it so much easier to plan events for everyone! Now there’s no need to ask what everyone schedule is like - just look in the Groupcal app!! "

 Jada González 14/01/2020

"Just created a shared calendar group with my family with all our events - kids classes, playdates, our dates... it works like magic!"

Morin Harris, 07/01/2020

"I am a student and it helps me to set up work meetings with students from my class in the easiest way !!Highly recommend!"

Michelle Miller, 01/01/2020


"Wow!!! this is amazing on so many levels! Saw this app today on the App Store while looking for a shared calendar with my husband. I've downloaded Groupcal and realized - this is a gem! this app literally uses my contact numbers to create shared calendars, and its so simple - just like using a messenger app."

Richard Taylor, 21/1/2020

"Allows me to connect my calendar to others. So much easier!"


Next Generation Shared Calendar

One app, many shared calendars​

Instant Calendaring

Fast. Simple. Intuitive. 

Simple To Share

Hassle-Free shared calendar 

Cross Platform

Available on multiple devices



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