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Permissions Management

Permissions Management   GroupCal offers a robust permissions mechanism that allows calendar owners and admins to control the actions and access levels of calendar members. By understanding the roles and permissions available, you can effectively manage your shared calendar and Permissions Management

Calendar Channels

Calendar Channels What is a Calendar Channel? A calendar channel in GroupCal is a type of shared calendar that offers additional functionalities and features that make it more suitable for managing and sharing public calendars with a wide range of Calendar Channels

The Settings Popup

The Settings Popup The Settings popup allows you access features that control how GroupCal behaves. It is accessed by clicking on the Settings button on the Account section. Options available on the settings popup: Language The Language option determines the The Settings Popup

Calendar Details Popup

Calendar Details Popup    The calendar details popup in GroupCal allows you to customize various properties of your calendars, such as their name, color, description, and more.  In this article, we will explore the details of the calendar details popup, Calendar Details Popup

The Default Calendar

The Default Calendar   The default calendar in GroupCal is the primary calendar where new events are added by default, when you create a new event from the ‘All Calendars’ screen. However, if you are adding an event from a The Default Calendar