Family Summer Vacation with GroupCal

vacation on the beach

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been thinking about your summer vacation for months. The possibilities are endless: the beach, camping, road trips, flights across the globe, etc. You know that when you finally get there, it’ll be amazing — but getting there is half the battle. It can be hard to keep everyone on the same page when your family has so many different desires and interests. You’re probably already feeling the stress from all of the different options. But we have an easy solution: GroupCal Shared Calendar.

Groupcal is the best way to ensure that everyone in your family is on the same page during your summer vacation!

GroupCal is a user-friendly and free platform designed to simplify your scheduling needs. With GroupCal, you can effortlessly create a shared calendar and invite family members to join, ensuring everyone stays in sync with their activities. The app boasts a range of powerful features to help you stay organized. Real-time notifications keep you updated on any changes or additions to the calendar, while sync functionality ensures that everyone has access to the latest information across devices. You can customize the calendar to suit your preferences, personalizing it with colors, labels, and other visual elements. Additionally, GroupCal offers RSVP and attendance tracking, allowing you to easily manage and confirm participation for events. 

You can even use this platform to coordinate meeting up with other families at the beach or pool. It will allow your whole family to see who’s coming and when they’re going, so there’s no confusion about who’ll be where and when. 

GroupCal also makes it easy for parents and children alike to be on the same page with each other about plans, schedules, chores, tasks and any changes that may come up during vacation (such as if someone gets sick or has a change in plans). It’s like having a private chat room where only people from your group can see what’s happening. This gives and builds the children’s responsibility in a fun and easy way.


With Love ❤️

The GroupCal team.