What is GroupCal?

What is GroupCal?

GroupCal shared calendar main screen cross platform

GroupCal is a revolutionary shared calendar platform that changes the way we use calendars. With GroupCal, you can effortlessly create or connect to multiple shared calendars for various groups, people and organizations, each dedicated to a specific topic such as class schedule, family, friends, or co-workers. 

You can think of GroupCal as a calendar that automatically updates itself with your latest schedule. When you connect to a shared calendar, your schedule is instantly synchronized, ensuring that your calendar stays up-to-date without any manual effort.

Adding new shared calendars, as well as events to existing shared calendars, is a breeze. All events added to the calendars are automatically synced in real-time across all members, along with notifications sent to all members.

With GroupCal, managing all your events in one unified app is incredibly easy. In addition to listing events from shared calendars, GroupCal allows you to manage your personal calendar accounts, such as Google calendar. This way, you can have a unified view of all your events from all your accounts in a single place.

GroupCal offers the following functionalities:

  • Create multiple shared calendars with anyone you want.
  • Use your contact list to create shared calendars, eliminating the need for email addresses.
  • Sync events in real-time with members of the shared calendars.
  • Get a real-time overview of who received events you added and who confirmed.
  • View your private schedule from Apple, Google, and Outlook, side-by-side with your shared calendars inside the GroupCal app.
  • There are many advanced features that will be described in separate sections of this guide.

In summary, GroupCal is a revolutionary shared calendar platform that enables you to effortlessly manage multiple shared calendars for various groups and topics. By establishing connections with the calendars of other groups and people, GroupCal ensures that your schedule is always in sync with theirs without the need for manual updates. This real-time syncing of events means you will always have an accurate and comprehensive overview of your schedule, regardless of your location or who you’re with.