Calendar Verification Badge

Calendar Verification Badge


A calendar verification badge is a symbol that adds credibility and trustworthiness to a calendar in GroupCal. It is displayed as an icon alongside the calendar’s title in various sections of the app, including the Calendars List section and the calendar details popup.

GroupCal Calendar with a verified badge

Getting a calendar verification badge is important because anyone can create a calendar with a similar name to yours. For public calendars owned by brands, institutes, influencers etc., having such similar calendars or even counterfeit calendars might pose a problem. Anyone searching for the calendar might stumble upon the counterfeit calendar and think it might be the real calendar. Therefore, having a verification badge adds an extra layer of trust and verification. By obtaining a verification badge, you authenticate your calendar as the official and authoritative source of your events. This helps to prevent confusion and ensures that your audience or users can trust the accuracy and reliability of the information you provide. 

‘Verified’ badges are available only for calendars representing unique and well-known individuals, businesses, or entities. To obtain a verification badge for a calendar, evidence of ownership over the relevant entity will be required. 

Only admins of the calendar can initiate a request to get a verification badge for a calendar.

They can do so by accessing the calendar details popup and clicking on the verification badge button or option. 

GroupCal calendar details popup - verified badge option

The verification process may involve providing additional information or going through a verification review by GroupCal’s team. This step ensures that the calendar belongs to its legitimate owner, further establishing trustworthiness and authenticity.

Once your verification request is approved, you will receive a verification badge for your calendar.