Calendar Details Popup

Calendar Details Popup 


GroupCal - calendar details popup

The calendar details popup in GroupCal allows you to customize various properties of your calendars, such as their name, color, description, and more. 

In this article, we will explore the details of the calendar details popup, providing comprehensive information and instructions on how to utilize this powerful tool. You will discover the range of features and customization options available within the calendar details popup, empowering you to effectively manage and personalize your calendars in GroupCal.


How to open the Calendar Details popup?

You can open the calendar details popup in two ways:

  1. On the Calendars List section on the main screen, right click on any calendar and on the popup that opens select Calendar Details.
    GroupCal - how to open calendar details popup from the Calendars List section.jpg
  2. Open the calendar screen of any of the calendars, and then click on the title of that calendar.
    GroupCal - how to open the calendar details popup


The options and settings available on the Calendar Details popup


Calendar name and photo section


Click the edit button to edit the calendar title. The title can be up to 25 characters long. 

The title can only be edited if you have the permission to do so, since some calendars are set to restrict such edit (see the Permission section below).



Next to the title you can also add a photo that will appear next to the title of the calendar. Similarly to the title, the photo as well can only be edited if you have the permission to do so. 

The calendar photo is used to mark which events are associated with it.


Business Description section

GroupCal - calendar details popup - business description section

Allows to write a description of the calendar that will appear under the title. The description can include details about a business, relevant links to a website or social networks, etc. All members of the calendar can view the description.


Members Can section

GroupCal - Calendar Details popup - Members Can section

This section allows calendar admins to set the permissions of the calendar which affects the access level of the calendar members.

It is only presented if you are an admin of the calendar. 

The available options are:

  • Add / edit events
  • Edit calendar name and photo
  • Add new members

Read more details about permissions in GroupCal.


Settings for this calendar on your device section

GroupCal - Calendar Details popup - Local Calendar settings section

This section allows each calendar member to set their own personal settings for the calendar.


You can choose to customize the color of events in the calendar on your device. The color of the calendar is presented on the Calendar List section on the main screen, and is used as the default background color of events that belong to that calendar. Read more about events color.


Show events in ‘All Calendars’

By toggling this setting off, you determine that the events of this calendar are not shown in the  “All Calendars” screen. This option is available to allow you to keep the ‘All Calendars’ screen only with events that are important for you to see on a regular basis. Calendars that are less important can be set not to show their events on the ‘All Calendars’ screen and can be viewed by directly clicking on them on the Calendar List section. 

On the Calendar List section, the calendar will have a special indication.

GroupCal - calendar that doesn't show events under the All Calendars screen


Get reminders for events

You have the option to turn on or off event reminders for specific calendars, ensuring that you get reminders only for events that are important for you.. On the Calendar List section, the calendar will have a special indication in case reminders are turned off for it..

GroupCal - calendar that doesn't send reminders for events


Default Calendar

You can set the calendar as the default calendar.  Read more about the Default Calendar in GroupCal.


Members section

GroupCal - Calendar Details popup - Members section

The Members section lists all the members of the calendar, and allows you to take actions on them. For calendar channels, the members list is only visible to the admins of the calendar channel for privacy reasons. 

GroupCal will list up to three members on the list, and in case there are more, it will add a button to expand the list.

The members list indicates the role of each member next to their name. Read more about calendar roles in GroupCal.

The Members section shows a link that you can send to others to join the calendar. It will be shown only in case the calendar has such a link. It’s possible to create a new link in case one is not available depending on the permissions settings (see Members Can section above for more details).


Actions that you can take on members

Admins can click on members and take actions relevant to the member they clicked on.

  • Make admin – the member becomes an admin.
  • Remove from calendar – the member will be removed from the calendar. The calendar will stay on his devices with all its events, but new updates are not synced.
  • Assign color – when a color is assigned to a member, events owned by that member will have the background color assigned to the member.


Calendar actions section

GroupCal - Calendar Details popup - Calendar actions section

This section allows to take actions relevant for the calendar:

Set as calendar channel

Calendar channels are shared calendars in GroupCal that are set as channels, and therefore have additional features which are better suited for calendars that are public and shared with a large audience.

Only an admin of the calendar can change its status to a channel


Calendar verification badge

Calendars that have a verification badge communicate trustworthiness and authenticity. This button initiates the process to request such a verification badge.


Embed this calendar in a web page

Opens another dialog that provides code to embed the calendar on a web page.

Embedding a calendar in a web page can be done only in case there is an active link to that calendar (see the Members section above for details).


Exit calendar

If you are not the owner of the shared calendar, you have the option to exit the calendar. Once you exit the calendar, it will remain on your screen, but you will stop getting updates about it.