Permissions Management

Permissions Management


GroupCal offers a robust permissions mechanism that allows calendar owners and admins to control the actions and access levels of calendar members. By understanding the roles and permissions available, you can effectively manage your shared calendar and ensure the right level of control and collaboration. In this guide, we will explore the different roles, permissions, and settings in GroupCal, empowering you to optimize your calendar management experience.

The permission mechanism consists of three concepts:

Roles of calendar members in GroupCal

Every calendar member has one of the following three roles:

  • Calendar Owner: The owner has full access to the calendar and cannot be removed. They are also the default admin of the calendar.
  • Calendar Admin: Admins have full access to the calendar and can make changes, including making it a channel and requesting a verification badge. They can be removed by another admin.
  • Calendar Member: Members can view events on the calendar, and their specific actions are determined by admins based on the permissions settings.

The calendar details popup indicates the roles of each member.

Calendar permission Settings

Each calendar can have its own separate permission settings. Those settings can be set on the calendar details popup.

  • Add/Edit Events: Admins can enable or disable the option for members to add or edit events, giving control over changes made to the calendar’s events.
  • Edit Calendar Name and Photo: Admins can toggle the setting to allow or disallow members from editing the calendar’s name and photo, maintaining branding and visual identity.
  • Add New Members: Admins can determine whether members have the ability to invite and add new members to the calendar. When turned off, members cannot invite members directly by adding their phone numbers to the calendar (this option is available on the GroupCal mobile apps). Additionally, they are not able to generate a link to the calendar in case such a link doesn’t yet exist. Disabling a link is allowed to admins no matter what this setting is.

Calendar actions exclusive to admins

Calendars have various configuration options available from their details popup, which are available only to admins of the calendar: