The Default Calendar

The Default Calendar


The default calendar in GroupCal is the primary calendar where new events are added by default, when you create a new event from the ‘All Calendars’ screen. However, if you are adding an event from a specific calendar, that calendar will be set as the default for the new event. 

As part of adding the new event, you can also change the calendar they are going to be saved to on the Event Details popup. That calendar determines how the events will look, and with which people it will be synced. Read more about adding new events.

GroupCal automatically assigns a default calendar each time the app loads, and in case there is no default calendar set.

On the Calendar List section, the calendar will have a special indication in case it’s set as the default calendar.

Indication of the default calendar in GroupCal Calendar List section


How to set a calendar as the default calendar?

Setting the a calendar as the default one is done from the Calendar Details popup:

GroupCal - settings a default calendar

  1. On the Calendars List section right click on a calendar and choose Calendar Details to open the calendar details popup.
  2. Within the popup, locate the option to set the calendar as the default calendar.
  3. Toggle the button to enable the default calendar setting for the selected calendar.