Calendar Channels

Calendar Channels

What is a Calendar Channel?

A calendar channel in GroupCal is a type of shared calendar that offers additional functionalities and features that make it more suitable for managing and sharing public calendars with a wide range of users and a larger audience. 


Who can benefit from Calendar Channels?

Calendar channels in GroupCal can benefit a variety of individuals and groups, including:

  • Influencers: Influencers can use calendar channels to share their public schedule, including upcoming events, collaborations, product launches, or content releases. It allows their followers to stay informed and engaged with their activities, fostering stronger connections and promoting audience participation.
  • Brands and Organizations: Brands and organizations can utilize calendar channels to showcase their events, promotions, sales, or important dates. It enables them to maintain transparency and provide their audience with a clear overview of their activities, helping to build trust and loyalty.
  • Public Figures: Public figures such as celebrities, artists, or public speakers can use calendar channels to share their appearances, performances, or speaking engagements. It allows their fans and followers to keep track of their schedule and attend their events.
  • Community Groups: Community groups, clubs, or organizations with a large following can benefit from calendar channels to announce their meetings, social gatherings, fundraisers, or volunteer activities. For example, a university can create a calendar channel to share its course schedule, important academic dates, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, a municipality can utilize a calendar channel to share its public events schedule, including festivals, concerts, community gatherings, and local government meetings. It helps to keep their members informed and engaged, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Event Organizers: Event organizers can utilize calendar channels to promote and share details about upcoming events, conferences, workshops, or seminars. It facilitates efficient communication and coordination with attendees, ensuring they have the latest updates and schedules at their fingertips.


Features unique to Calendar Channels

Calendar channels in GroupCal offer several unique features that set them apart from regular shared calendars:

  • Unlimited Number of Members: Unlike regular shared calendars that support up to 256 members, calendar channels in GroupCal allow for an unlimited number of members. This is particularly beneficial for channels with a large audience or widespread community, ensuring that everyone can join and stay connected.
  • Member List Privacy: Calendar channels provide privacy for their members by not exposing the member list. This ensures that individual members’ identities and contact information are not visible to others, maintaining their privacy and security.
  • Read only calendar: Calendar channels allow member to use them in a 
  • Searchable Calendar Channels: Calendar channels can be easily searched within the GroupCal app. This feature allows users to discover and join calendar channels that align with their interests, whether it’s following their favorite influencer, staying updated on brand promotions, or joining community group events.

Additionally, calendar channels support the other features available to shared calendars in GroupCal, such as setting a calendar profile picture, business description, setting multiple admins and much more.


How to create a calendar channel?

A calendar channel can be created as part of creating a new shared calendar, or by changing an existing shared calendar into a channel.

Creating a calendar channel as part of adding a new calendar

    1. At the bottom of the calendar details popup, click the calendar as a calendar channel button. 
    2. Upon toggling the button, a popup will appear asking if you are sure. 
    3. Clicking “Yes” will allow you to set the calendar as a calendar channel.
  • When editing an existing calendar

Creating a calendar channel from an existing GroupCal calendar

    1. Changing an existing shared calendar to a channel is available to admins of that calendar.
    2. Open the Calendar Details popup of the calendar you wish to convert.
    3. At the bottom of the popup, click on the button ‘Set as a calendar channel’.