Create a Shared Calendar

Create a Shared Calendar 



With GroupCal, it’s not only possible but also highly recommended to create shared calendars separately for different topics and groups of people. This unique feature enables you to share relevant events with specific groups while maintaining a clear separation between the schedules of different groups.

GroupCal web calendar list section on the main screen

GroupCal can present the events from your separate calendars together on a single screen, known as the “All Calendars” screen within the app. This consolidated view provides you with a comprehensive overview of your schedule, ensuring that you never miss an important event or appointment.

How to create a shared calendar in GroupCal

  1. While on the main screen, click on the “+ Calendar” button.
    Add new calendar button in GroupCal

  2. A popup will open, allowing you to configure the new calendar:
    GroupCal - add a new calendar popup filled

    • Choose a title for the calendar. The title can be up to 25 characters long.
    • Set a photo for the calendar (optional). If you don’t choose a photo, a default one will be assigned. This photo will be displayed on the Calendar List section for all the members, as well as on events associated with that calendar, making it easy to identify them.
    • Set a color for the calendar. The app sets a default color, but you can customize it. Events added to this calendar will use the selected color as their background, providing visual association with the calendar.
    • Determine if the calendar should be set as a channel. Calendar channels are calendars that can be shared with an unlimited audience size and appear in the search results within GroupCal. They are specifically designed to broadcast a schedule around a particular topic to a wide public audience. If you would like to learn more about calendar channels, please refer to the guide article for detailed information.
  3. Click on the “Save” button to save the calendar.
  4. Once saved, the calendar will be added to the Calendar List section, while the Add Calendar popup will remain on the screen. The popup will now provide a shareable link that you can copy and send to others to invite them to join the calendar.
    GroupCal - add a new calendar after it was saved

Each shared calendar can have up to 255 members, while a calendar channel can accommodate an unlimited number of members.

Shared Calendars Privacy

It is important to note that when you create a shared calendar for multiple users with a link, anyone who receives that link to the calendar can join it. Therefore, it is crucial not to share the calendar link publicly. By keeping the link restricted to intended participants only, you can ensure the privacy and exclusivity of your shared calendar.

How members view and join a calendar

If the person is already signed in to GroupCal on their computer or mobile device, clicking on a calendar link will open the app and automatically add the calendar to their Calendars List section. From that point forward, any updates to the calendar and its events will be seamlessly synchronized in real-time on both their computer and mobile device. The app will also indicate any new updates. The member’s ability to make changes to the calendar will be determined by the permissions settings of the calendar. For more details, refer to the guide article on permissions.

GroupCal - join a shared calendar

On the other hand, if the person doesn’t have GroupCal installed on their computer or mobile device, clicking on the calendar link will do the following:

  • On a computer: a read-only calendar screen opens, displaying the calendar without the ability to make changes. The user has the option to save the link or create a shortcut for the calendar web page on their device, enabling easy access on a regular basis. Whenever the link is clicked or the calendar page is reloaded, the events information is automatically updated to reflect the latest changes.
  • On a mobile device: The link will redirect the person to the appropriate app store to install GroupCal. Once the installation is complete, GroupCal will automatically join the calendar and display it as part of their calendars within the app.